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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

An Affare to Remember

Oh yes, you knew a subject line that clichéd was coming! Good Food Affare was this weekend just past at Castle Hill showgrounds (Fri 21-Sun 23); we made our way there in the chilly weather of the Saturday afternoon. Despite the confusing weather (unpleasantly hot to shiveringly cold within moments, on and off all day!) there were quite a few people there, and the rain held off for the time we were there. We didn't arrive till around 3, so there is every possibility we missed morning crowds; sadly, we missed most of the shows, and some of the stands, also. Upon arriving we were met with the rather exciting prospect of a building dedicated to COFFEE! Racing ahead of my mother and Nick I quickly found out this was coffee machines. While my brother, the coffee snob, would not have been impressed, there was a very pretty, powder pink, compact espresso machine. Nick generally allows me to indulge my "Oooh, it's pink!" tendencies, but at the around $1000 mark, I knew I wasn't going to win this one, and moved along. Besides, being pink alone was probably not a good excuse for purchase when I'm just as happy with my plunger! There was another similar hall with very shiny and very expensive stoves and fridges. Nick wanted the $10 000 oven, but I think we'll hold off on that one for, erm... awhile. We moved along to the first of the food halls we encountered. It was here that we fell in love with a bottle of lemon myrtle infused olive oil, and tried quail for what I have to admit was the very first time. I also saw a size 115 turkey that quite possibly could have fed every person at the show. Nick also had a chorizo sausage sandwich. Well, half of one... The other half disappeared whilst in my possession.

Next up was the oh-so-pretty Country Women's Association building. Hosting a beautiful afternoon tea, decorated in all shades of pink and loveliness, the CWA had me so impressed I could have spent the rest of the afternoon there. Nevertheless we drank our tea, ate our cupcakes and scones, and moved on. At this point I could go into detail about the seriously amazing stalls and halls througout the entire show, but I seriously don't have enough time! I was a little disappointed there wasn't more fresh produce, and more to the farmer's market side that had been advertised, but I really can't complain. The event was free, you only paid for what you wanted, and the attention to detail in the styling of the event makes my head hurt!

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