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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

WildBrumby Schnapps Distillery, Cafe & Cellar Door

Wild Brumby Distillery

As far as I’m concerned, skiing is the most fun you can have standing up... or with your face buried in the snow. That one was a VERY spectacular fall. I don’t think I’ll ever be allowed to live it down.

But it's not just the skiing that keeps drawing us back to NSW’s spectacular Snowy Mountains. The area has a lure for hubby and me, and we can’t seem to stay away for too long. Not only do we have gorgeous countryside and fantastic snow (when it comes); but there are some of the loveliest and most charming restaurants you can imagine.

As I’ve previously mentioned (*ahem*, perhaps gushed), the area, its surrounds, and its places, hold a very special place in my heart, and we were lucky enough to be back down there this weekend just passed.

It was during this trip that we visited the Wild Brumby Distillery. I'd heard about it a couple of times, and our interest piqued enough to head out there, and we were well rewarded.

Wild Brumby Distillery Grounds

The property is a picturesque block of alpine farm land. Sheep were grazing along the driveway up to the café building, lazily moving out of the way car as we neared, and the yard was dotted with examples of local sculpture.

Wild Brumby Distillery

Greeted by the very friendly staff, the distillery café was warm and welcoming from the moment we entered. We were soon offered a complimentary schnapps tasting, and who can say "no" to free schnapps?

Wild Brumby Distillery

I (and every man and his dog) have tried butterscotch schnapps before, but theirs sure was special. All the flavour without any of the saccharine sweetness and cloying aftertaste. Some other favourites were the Pink Lady Apple, Sour Apple and Lemon, and my favourite: 'Devil's Tongue'. OK, so, I am not a big chilli person. Upon being told this was chilli Schnapps, I chickened out and said no. Hubby did try this (I may have pinched some...) and it was remarkable. Chilli combined with pink lady apple and cinnaman combine to make this truly unique.

'Cowboy Butterscotch', Wild Brumby Distillery

Moving along to the shop, we were confronted with more schnapps than I've seen in my whole life. According to Wild Brumby's website. Bottles started at around $30 for a 18.5% 500ml bottle, going up from there for 40% bottles of schnapps like 'Obstler' (apple and pear). Their kosciuszko vodka 101 50.5% is also available.

We decided to stop for a quick meal and were treated to a cosy table right next to fireplace, and looking through the huge ceiling-to-floor windows overlooking the property.

The café is smallish, seating around 25 from my count, giving it a friendly, warm, intimate atmosphere. It was never loud or crowded, even though busy, and the staff were tentative and helpful.

Hot Chocolate

Being wintry weather we couldn't go past a hot chocolate, and not only that, a hot chocolate with schnapps! Tony's Estate coffee was also on offer, along with a range of incredibly pretty cakes and biscuits. I ordered an Hot Chocolate with Cowboy Butterscotch, and, what to do when you want both, talked Nick into getting his with Devil's Tongue. We decided to split a bowl of Potato Wedges with Mustard Aoli.

Our impressive (and HUGE) hot chocolates arrived first, and after oohing, aahing, and photo taking, they didn't last that long. The chocolate/butterscotch and chocolate/chilli combination is a winner. A short wait later our wedges arrived, and pretty they were. The Mustard Aoli, was, in short, awesome. During our meal we saw the Beef Ragu brought out to a neighbouring table and could have stayed for a not-so-light meal!

Wedges, Wild Brumby Distillery

With our meal over (at a very reasonable price) we were back off to Sydney, leaving the distillery behind, and I tell you what, I can't wait to get back!

Getting There:

Phone: (02) 6457 1447

Thredbo Valley Distillery
Cnr of Wollondibby Rd & the Alpine Way, Jindabyne NSW 2627, Australia
You can also take a 360 degree virtual tour of the property here.

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  1. Everything tastes so much better when it's cold and I can only imagine how good the butterscotch schnapps would be! :) Great report and lovely photos!