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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hold the Meat, Please

For the last year--much to my father's horror, and my poor husband's patient tolerance--I've been eating vegetarian. I've nothing against the meat eaters out there, I just went off meat a bit.

Cooking at home is easy, if sometimes a little dull. Of course, like anything, you get into a rut, and end up repeating yourself (eating the same meals over and over), but it's harder with restaurants. I could wind myself up into a tizz about the lack of vegetarian options at restaurants, but truly, most folks are very accomodating. Most restaurants we go to have a couple of very good options for the difficult people like myself, and to be honest, I always had trouble making up my mind when eating out. Two options, rather than twenty? Oh, it's bliss. Makes my lovely hubby happier, too.

I just enjoyed an article in SMH about restaurants and vegetarians. I really cannot fathom either extremes of this argument: passionately anti-vegetarian chefs, and vegetarians with a sense of entitlement. Like one chef said: "A lot of the time, we bend over backwards... we have a tiny kitchen and, when we're busy, we can give them one choice."

I thought the different opinions and experiences of the folks in this article were interesting. I've never had a problem in a restaurant, but then again I'm pretty relaxed. I don't understand people who would deliberately cause a fuss over themselves, or deliberately upset a customer, but each his or her own, eh?

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