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Monday, October 27, 2008

Good Food Affare

I'm getting really excited about Good Food Affare - an event coming up at the end of November at Castle Hill Showground (map), in Sydney, which is only 15 - 20 minutes from where I live.

It's on November 21st to 23rd, and even better is the free admission! I'm hoping to go on the Saturday, and I'm really looking forward to the Growers Market and Skye's Cafe.

(a sucker for pretty anything, I love their website,too!)


  1. Hey did you go to this?? If so, how was it?? :o)

  2. Hey Fi! Yup, we were there:

    We didn't end up booking for Skye's Cafe, which was a little sad, but we had a great time anyway. The weather was being so silly, though! Sweltering hot, followed by gale-force winds, followed by freezing cold, then back again. We had snow on the mountains! At this time of year!

    Soooo, how's PARIS? Where are all the updates, huh?